KATU Morning Show: Portland, OR

May 30, 2017

Cool Mom Picks - A Penny for Your Thoughts: This new card game helps kids process those hard emotions.  

Posted by Kate | Apr. 8, 2017

 When I look back at some of my biggest parenting fails, most of them have occurred when I haven’t taken the time to consider my kids’ emotions or help them process their worry, anger, fear, or whatever else it is they are experiencing right in that very moment. Read more on

Red Tricycle - Discover the Brand-New Game Every Family Should Be Playing

Posted by Gabby Cullen | March 9, 2017

 "Kathryn Snell-Ryan and Janine McGraw want to open up communication between parents and their kids. It’s something they often work toward in their day jobs as licensed professional counselors in Eugene." Read more Red Tricycle.


Eugene Register Guard - Playing to build bonds: Two local therapists develop a card game with the goal of connecting parents, kids

Posted by Cara Roberts Murez | Feb. 6, 2017

"No doubt about it, getting your kid to spill the beans about her day can be a challenge. But, what if there was a fun way to get her to open up and develop emotional intelligence at the same time?" Read more on Eugene Register Guard.

Eugene Register Guard

Kids' Turn, San Diego

"This game facilitated new conversations and helped the child think through his own ideas and decisions using new skills and identifying his unique strengths".

Cindy Grossman, LCSW
Executive Director
Kids' Turn San Diego


Card game created in Eugene helps kids identify and communicate emotions KVAL 13
Friday, February 17, 2017

Communication card game created in Eugene gains international popularity KMTR NBC 16 
Monday, February 6, 2017

Hand-Illustrated Cards Can Help Children Open Up About Difficult Topics KEZI 9 ABC
Sunday, February 19, 2017





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