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Communication Card Games for Kids

A Penny For Your Thoughts helps kids boost their confidence, solve problems, and talk about what matters most. This playful card game is designed to increase connection between kids and adults, help kids identify feelings and share their experiences, and teach them skills to manage emotions and make good decisions.

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The concept is great. It's a terrific way to dissolve the language barrier between adults and kids. This is a brilliant way for kids to have the opportunity to express themselves in situations they may not have initially understood how to handle.  In doing so, children can begin to empathize and feel comfortable sharing their current stories and talking about feelings.

+ Ally Loprete, This Little Parent Stayed Home on iHeart Radio


Let's stop bullying!!  Kids need to feel safe telling an adult when they are being bullied. Plz support this cause! 

+ Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips, Mom, wife, singer, TV host, baker, lover of honesty


Emotional literacy – the ability to name your emotions. Emotional agility – the ability to manage your feelings. Both are fundamental to our health, wellbeing and resilience. I am really excited about a new product that helps me teach my children these skills! They’re just as useful for adults and an enriching enjoyable activity to engage in together. I recommend highly A Penny For Your Thoughts game - seek them out!

+ Suzy Reading, Psychologies Mag Columnist


Communication can be a big struggle sometimes and lead to many meltdowns with our kiddos. I know that I’m not the only one in this boat… right? We are super excited to be one of the first retailers of the BEAUTIFUL game A Penny For Your Thoughts. Another step forward in making happy kids who practice good communication.

+ Kristen Bach, parent and owner of Treehouse Kid & Craft Athens, GA


These cards are like magic. Sometimes my seven-year-old comes home from school frustrated and grumpy and my line of questions only annoyed her. When we bust out this game it becomes a platform to talk about feelings and coping strategies for kids and parents. Also, my two-year-old loves naming the emotions cards. It's a great way to teach young kids about identifying feelings other people are expressing and empathy. They are really well made, not flimsy and the artwork is really cool. Highly recommend!

+ Sara, mom of 2 in Oregon

Kids conversation cards for feelings and social emotional learning


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